Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Making Boxes with the Kids!

My last project for Eileen Hull's Blog Posts in February was actually not made by me but by my 9 year old grandnephew Landon and 7 year old grandniece Mila!   I was babysitting for them last week when their parents went out on a date.  
I always bring a craft whenever I babysit for any of my 4 grands.

I was trying to think of something they would like to make 
(I often bring the packaged crafts from Michaels). 
I know they love to have boxes just to 'put stuff in' and the light dawned!  They could each make and decorate a box using Eileen's Sizzix Gift Box

Here they are adhering patterned papers, that I had cut to size, to all the panels.  They did this before we assembled the box pieces.   
Mila got a little overzealous when I asked them to smile for the photo!!  
She was excited that I was going to put this on my Blog.
 I helped them line up the edges that I had put Red Line tape on and we put the box together.  I had picked up several packages of stickers at the Dollar Store a few months ago (you know, just because I might want them sometime!?!), dinosaurs, sloths, robots, llamas and forest animals and they had fun choosing the ones they wanted to decorate their boxes with.
To make the boxes easier to open, they adhered one of the scallops from the die onto the front edge of the cover - so they could just pull on that to open them up.
They were really happy with their new storage boxes and were telling me all of the things they might put in them -  a very fun and easy craft project with the kids!  With such professional looking results!

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Paper:  white Little Sizzles Matboard - Sizzix, designer papers - Papertrey Ink
Accessories:  Red Line Tape, roller tape, various stickers - The Dollar Store.


Craftychris said...

What fun they both had making their absolutely fabulous boxes! Lovely photos too. I am thinking I might get the die to do the same with my Granddaughters, thank you for the idea! xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

What a lovely Grandma you are Julia! I bet your grandchildren love it when you're doing the looking after! The boxes are fantastic and what a good idea to collect stickers for them to use on the projects they make with you. Great job Landon and Mila!!! Vicky x

Maggi said...

Their boxes are so stinking cute, you are such a good grammy!!

Mac Mable said...

Thank you for sharing this adorable post Julia. I so enjoyed reading how the two kiddos had so much fun making their unique and creative boxes x.....I suspect you had tons of fun too ? x

Papercraft Boutique said...

Creativity runs in the family, Julia! What a fun time Landon and Mila had making the wonderful storage boxes with you! Their smile makes ME smile. :-) The scallop pull tab is a clever idea!
Hideko xx

Loll said...

Mila and Landon look like they had a lot of fun making those boxes, Julia! What a great craft for them to do ... and a wonderful aunty to show them how. :) A special time together creating, what could be better??!! xx