Friday, June 20, 2008

Bagged and tagged!

Judy over at Joy in a Jar just tagged me so I need to share 7 random/weird (!?!?!) facts about myself and tag 7 random people to do the same - here are the rules of the tag:

1. I love strawberry flavor but won't eat strawberries - because the seeds get stuck in my teeth!

2. The seeds get stuck in my teeth because they are so close together - which is the result of my having braces on those teeth in various stages from age 6 right through college! The orthodontist made them 'too' perfect!

3. I love to travel - but I often get ill when flying on planes because of an inner ear problem that makes my head not know where my body is in space!

4. When I went to summer camp the year I was in 4th grade - I made every single arts and crafts project they offered so my parents had to pay more at the end of my 2 week stay!

5. When my sister and I were little - my father bought adirondack chairs for our back yard in red, green, yellow and blue. He said the red one was mine and the blue one was my sisters - and so from then on my favorite color was always red - but now I'm not sure if it's because I really love red- or just because my father chose that color chair for me!!!

6. I am presently addicted to Star Bucks iced green tea latte with skim milk.

7. And this won't come as a surprise to most of you - I'd rather make a card then go to a movie or go visit a friend - unless I have plenty of time to do both! if it's one or the other - I choose stamping!

And here are some of my blogging friends that I'm tagging - please check out their fun blogs and say hello to them!

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Silke said...

Julia - it is so nice to get to know you a bit better!!! Loved reading your facts!!!

Stamp Talk with Tosh said...

Thanks for the tag Julia!! That was so sweet of you!! It was fun reading all those interesting facts about you....*grin*

Happy, happy weekend!!!

Kristy Vernon said...

Thanks for tagging me! I love the 4th of your random/unique comments about the arts and crafts.

JAR said...

What fun to read all that stuff!!

Kim said...

Thanks for tagging me Julia! I did my tagging too!

Have a great day!

Deborah Anton said...

How nice to learn a little more about you Julia!