Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

So yesterday I saw on Danielle's blog - Wild Dragonfly Designs - that she tagged me. That means that I am now supposed to list 7 Random Things about myself.

So here are some things that make me who I am.

1. I am a person that makes lists. I have 'stickies' all over my computer at work, in my stamping room and several stuck to my kitchen cabinet above our eating counter so that I see those every day until the items on them are done. If I don't make a list - I promptly forget what I was supposed to do. My mother always made lists so I guess I learned it from her - but I really could not function without writing my lists!

2. Seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a giant harvest moon on the horizon, or riding in NH or Maine and turning a corner to a vista of tall mountains - takes my breath away.

3. I always order the same meal whenever I go to particular restaurants - I don't mean I only eat one thing whenever I go out - but I have a different favorite thing at each restaurant. It drives my husband crazy - he says I should try new things - but I say, I know what I like and if I order something different - I often don't like it!

4. I love traveling to other states and countries - I never traveled far when I was young as it was too expensive - but as an adult I have been able to travel more and I love seeing how people live in different areas and the different topographies etc.

5. I have a very bad sense of direction. I never know if I'm going north or south or which way I should turn on a road when given a choice - when I finally learned how to read a road map it helped a little (what an ingenious thing, a road map - you can actually get from one place to another by following the roads on it!!) Usually I'm traveling with my husband and then I leave it up to him - he used to drive a truck - so he is really good on getting places!

6. I love to do things outside - gardening, walking, snowshoeing, hiking, bird watching, easy mountain climbing and Kayaking are a few of the things I like to do.

7. I am a collector - some of the things I have collected over the years: Noah's Arks, dolls, antique quilts, anything antique!, Wallace Nutting Pictures, tea cups and now STAMPS!

So there you go - now you know me a little better - hopefully you will still be my friend!!

I'm supposed to tag some other bloggers - but Danielle already tagged Linsey and these two ladies are my only close blogger friends at the moment being new to blogging! so - I may have to blog someone later on!!

Update: I'm making blogging friends! so I have tagged LeAnne and Beverly
check out their great blogs!

thanks for stopping by - do you want me to tag you??? LOL! leave me a comment!!


Linsey said...

Oh, now we know everything, hehe! What neat and fun facts about my sweet New England buddy! Thanks for sharing! hugs!

Ann Lind said...

I have just recently started reading blogs. I love that I now have a face and a little personal background as a link to the fun projects that are shared. Thanks for sharing Ann

dpkennedy said...

Wow, so many of your ramdom things are the same as mine...especially the sticky notes. I'm quite notorious for using highliters too! Thanks for sharing!

LeAnne said...

Julia, I never met ANYBODY who knew who Wallace Nutting was! I used to have one of his prints, but in my many moves, it got lost. When I got married, I found out my MIL had one too. So I guess I know ONE other person! LOL! BTW, I am a list person, too. I often interrupt myself to go add things to my list, then forget what it was I was doing.