Monday, February 13, 2017

Red Velvet Valentines

Red Velvet Valentines -  the cookie kind that is! 
I found this great recipe in the February 2017 Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  They are really quick and easy to make.  I got out all of my heart cookie cutters and decided to use this ~2" one that was my mothers.
Several of these got eaten right off the rack! Just to be sure they were ok of course.  The recipe made a whopping 50 cookies!
Now the fun of decorating them with Powdered (Confectioners) Sugar.  I got out two stencils I use making cards - and made a big heart mask with card stock and a heart punch!
I laid a stencil over a cookie, held my sieve with the powdered sugar over it and tapped the sieve.
Beautiful results!  My stencils are from MFT and no longer available - but here is another heart stencil from MFT.
Any stencil will do - or you can make your own mask by punching a shape!
Here it is with the sugar sifted over it.
And all the festive Valentine Cookies - ready to be enjoyed!   I'm going to bring some of these to my Bible Study Group tomorrow and some to the grands when I babysit on Friday!
 You can find the recipe at under recipes - you have to sign in to access the site.

 A fun and festive YUMMY treat for Valentines!


Shoregirl said...

Your cookies look beautiful and yummy -- great use of your stencils!

Loll said...

Your cookies look so delicious, Julia!! Wish I was there to help with the "quality control". :) Great way to stretch the use of your stencils. xx

Susan said...

Julia, what a brilliant idea to use your card-making stencils to decorate your cookies. Thanks for including the recipe - I just might have to make some tomorrow! They look so delicious and so beautiful!

Redanne said...

They look amazing Julia - good enough to eat !!! Hugs, Anne xx

Kim Heggins said...

Yummy....just so beautiful.

Bonnie said...

Yum! Wish I lived next door to you!

butterfly said...

I've been scrolling to see what else I've missed and had to pause here to say "yum"! These look simply charming.
Alison x

Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Julia! How fun and creative! Love how you created those scrumptious treats!