Monday, April 25, 2016

Brave Intuitive Painting

Today I'm sharing something very different from what I usually do in my creative life here on the blog!  I made these two abstract contemporary canvases for a Wanderlust Class called Brave Intuitive Painting taught by artist Flora Bowley - and I must say I feel very brave in that I actually created them but not sure how intuitive it was!
Flora used really big canvases 36" x 36" and she hung them on her wall to work on them -  I used smaller 9" x 12" canvases that I had on hand and worked flat on my work table. 
First we were to chose just 3 colors for each canvas.  Three warm colors on one and three cool colors on the other.
Then we were to add 2 cool colors to the warm canvas and 2 warm colors to the cool canvas.
For the next layer we were to add some white
and then some black - I think I over did the black (!)
and finally we were to add one color to each that we 'felt' we wanted to see on the canvas. 
I also added a little bit of a golden yellow color  and a little more white to each canvas.
So here they are all done and in the light of day (finally!)
Flora suggested we turn the canvases around as we were working on them as they can look quite different when looking at them one way or another.
So here is the 'cool' blue one, one way and then turned upside down
and here is the (warm) magenta one in both views
I may or may not ever do something like this again - but I'm glad I stretched myself and gave it a try!  I think if I did them again I'd get better at using a greater variety of brush strokes and not cover up the layers beneath quite so much!


Annette Allen said...

very cool.. love them

Lenet said...

cool.. great job!

Kim Heggins said... are so brave to try this! And what beautiful pieces of art you now have. Just love them.

Loll said...

You did an amazing job Julia. Both canvases are so cool and it's interesting how they look different depending on how your view them. I bet they look good in landscape direction too. I hope you'll take a picture once they are hung on the wall. Great job!! xx

Deb Riddell said...

You are a brave woman Julia and look at the wonderful canvases you created! Thanks so much for sharing them, Deb xo

Redanne said...

These are definitely what I would call 'modern art' Julia, I love the way the colours worked and I loved looking at the canvases two different ways - I had fun trying to see if I could see any 'shapes' in there - and I did! Love these two pieces, I really need to watch that video, I am a couple of weeks behind at the moment! Hugs, Anne xx

Lyndal said...

So FAB to see you experimenting with these new techniques Julia! I enrolled but that is as far as I managed so far!

Samra said...

Well you are quite an artist Julia! I love the colors and such a fab way of expressing your talent!
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