Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Beauty of New England

Once again - I've been neglecting the blog -  seems like life has taken me away from creating for a bit.  I'm actually on vacation this week and Kent and I have been taking mini trips visiting relatives and friends and I thought I'd share some photos.
Over the weekend, we went to visit Kent's brother and his wife in Killington, VT where they have built a beautiful post and beam home - just down the street from Killington Mountain - as Chad is an avid skier.  And it just so happened that the last concert of the Killington Music Festival was held at the summit of the mountain when we visited and they got tickets for us all to go.   
We rode to the top of Killington on the gondolas.
Here is the view around 6 pm that night
Kent and Chad standing by the Catwalk trail sign that would have snow up to the middle of it in the winter.
then the sun began to set and mountains changed to shades of blue. This is taken from inside the room where the concert was.
and then brilliant oranges and reds -  the reflected sparkles are the strings of lights inside the hall.
(I took the photo with my cell phone through the window!)
Here, mostly in silhouette, are two of the three musicians, one on violin, one on viola - the music was magical with the gorgeous views all around us.
This is the view on our gondola ride down the mountain around 9 pm after the concert
I always bring some sort of gift to Carol and Chad to thank them for letting us stay with them.  
This year I made a succulent garden in a glass vase and put it inside this little metal and wood truck that I had picked up at Joann's last year half price!   (It's supposed to be a bird feeder)
All I added it to it were some little wooden stars on the hood, doors and rear and two Idea-ology Occasions Stickers. 
Carol has made beautiful gardens all around their lovely home - both inside and out - and she said my gift was perfect!

Our next mini adventure was to visit our friends, Flo and Rob, at their families cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.
We got to stay in a separate 1 room cottage called the Caboose, we had our own half bathroom, a sink, mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker!  How comfy cozy is this!
  And right outside our door we see this! (the main cottage is up the stairs on the right)
We had a great boat ride around part of the lake,  swam in the lake, laid in the sun, had great conversation with our friends, delicious fried clams for and breathed in the wonderful mountain air!


Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place for a concert!! Love the vies, and that shot with the reflection of the lights inside the window is amazing!! Cool little planter truck! Looks like you had a great time! hugs :)

Sharli Schaitberger said...

Oh My Goodness, this is gorgeous - and so relaxing! I could just stare at the scenery all day long! Having a concert with those views must have been quite an experience. I could imagine being transported by the music to another place in time.

Love your little succulent truck! Very cute!

Redanne said...

What a wonderful post Julia and what at fabulous place to stay, your room looks amazing, they really do live in a beautiful place! Love the little planter that you gave them too. Great photos, thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Anne xx

Brenda Brown said...

So lovely to see your visits out Julia, the shots of the mountains and skies are beautiful, it must have been very special to be at a music recital in such a wonderful setting. I adore your fantastic truck planter, it's perfect for someone who loves their garden. You are certainly getting to see some amazing countryside. Enjoy your week xxx

Loll said...

What a great vacation. LOVE the views from on top of the mountain. Such a lovely way to spend the evening with family, good music and gorgeous views.

And speaking of views ... you can't beat the one outside of your "Caboose". :) Hope you are getting lots of rest and relaxation on your trip Julia. xx

Mary Marsh said...

Beautiful photos and views Julia- thanks for sharing your vacation time with us